DAWN 2.34.0

DAWN can be downloaded using the links below. To install:

  1. Choose the correct link for your operating system and download the file containing Dawn.

  2. The installation depends on the platform you are running:

    • Linux: extract the zip to where you would like to install Dawn
    • Windows installer: run the installer and follow the instructions (recommended)
    • Windows zipfile: unzip the file, preferably in a folder at the drive root level (e.g. C:\)
    • macOS: from the Downloads, right-click and open the pkg file, click on open on the warning dialog and follow the instructions
  3. Once extracted Dawn can be started with the ‘dawn’ executable:

    • Linux: in a terminal, change directory to the one containing Dawn and use $ ./dawn; or use a file manager and navigate to the installation directory and double-click dawn
    • Windows installer: open the Start menu → All Programs → DAWN
    • Windows zipfile: double-click the dawn.exe where it was unzipped
    • macOS: use Launchpad, Spotlight, Finder etc to launch Dawn or from a terminal, use $ /Applications/Dawn.app/Contents/MacOS/dawn or $ ~/Applications/Dawn.app/Contents/MacOS/dawn depending on where you installed it

Older DAWN versions are available here.

Development releases (nightly builds) can be downloaded here.

This version of DAWN is the “full” DAWN workbench, which comes with perspectives and bundles used at Diamond Light Source.

To find the DAWN version you are currently using, go to Help→About DAWN Science→Installation Details

Supported 64-bit Operating Systems
  Platform Support Details
Linux RHEL 9 Untested
  RHEL 8 Supported (Diamond)
  RHEL 7 Supported (Diamond)
  RHEL 6 Not officially supported but should work
  Debian Not officially supported but should work
  Raspberry Pi OS Tested with known minor issues
  Others (inc. Ubuntu) Not officially supported but used as development and testing platforms.
Windows Windows 11 Untested
  Windows 10 Supported (Diamond)
  Windows 7, 8 Not officially supported but should work
macOS 14.x Untested (however, avoid 14.4 for aarch64, 14.4.1 is fine)
  13.x Supported
  12.x Supported
  11.x Supported
  10.9 to 10.15 Supported (for x86_64 only)