DAWN, the Data Analysis WorkbeNch, is an Eclipse based application for scientific data analysis


Comprehensive visualisation of data in 1D, 2D and 3D

Development Environments

Integrated Python, Jython and Eclipse plug-in development, debugging and execution

Processing and Workflows

for visual algorithms analysing scientific data

Latest News

DAWN 2.31 Release

DAWN 2.31 has been released and is now available for download.

Known issues:

  1. On RPi4, transient rectangles (black with inner white rectangle) pop up near any plots owing to a problem with tooltips
  2. On RPi4, 3D plots (such as waterfall, surface and volume plots) using Jzy3d have black backgrounds as alpha support is broken
  3. On macOS, switching from 3D plots to 2D plots (lines, images) may hang the plot view. Restart Dawn to get 2D plot back working
  4. On Windows, if you wish to run PyDev Jython consoles (and avoid issues with overly long file paths), make sure you install Dawn in a location that results in a short file path (for example C:\dawn or C:\d231)
  5. On x86_64 machines, Dawn may hang on setup during HDF5 initialization when the H5 class tries to prepend a filter plugin path from the installation. This may be caused by some of these plugins being compiled to use AVX2 instructions and the machine does not support them because its CPU model is pre-Haswell (Intel, 2013) or pre-Excavator (AMD, 2015) and throws an unknown opcode/instruction error
  6. On Linux running Wayland displays, 3D plots may not work (as on a Gnome desktop with Fedora 37)