The ** DAWN workshop ** at the end of the NOBUGS 2016 which took place in Copenhagen was an opportunity to introduce the Eclipse Science Working group and some of its projects, in particular Eclipse January, Eclipse Dawnsci and Eclipse EASE.

Tracy Miranda from Kichwa Coders gave a talk about the Eclipse SWG and the Open Source projects that are part of it. Presentation available here.

Jacob Filik, from Diamond Light Source, presented DAWN and its processing framework.

Torkild Resheim, from Itema, showed work he had done for the DAWN workbench, in particular the DAWN 4 DAWN development environment. His talk can be downloaded here.

And finally Pete Chang, from Diamond Light Source, gave a talk on the Eclipse January project. Pete’s presentation can be accessed at the following link.

In the afternoon, Tracy Miranda, lead a tutorial on the EASE project.

Finally we finished the day with Baha El Kassaby doing the DAWN 4 DAWN workshop. The Github pages of the solutions of the tutorial can be found at the following repository, and the slides downloaded here.