Ok… so you think you want to load and visualize data and use mathematics and tools with it? What’s that? - you already have an eclipse RCP application to do some of that… Then you could do worse than using some of the features from the DAWN software in your own application, just like OpenGDA do.

Part of the DAWN software is now available as an eclipse project - called DAWNSci. To use this in your application there are some jar files (plugins) which are available from a p2 update site and the plugins from the DAWNSci project available from github. What follows in this guide is how to bung all this stuff into your application and do all the cool stuff which we show from time to time at conferences like EclipseCon or on our web site.

Assuming you have a little knowledge of Eclipse or are somewhat familiar with it.

0. Open a clean workspace with eclipse.

1. Clone the repository DAWNSci, from eclipse git, the URI is, using egit inside eclipse. You could for instance go to the git perspective to do this.

2. Import all the plugins from the repo into your workspace. (There is an ‘Import Projects’ link when right clicking on the git repo you have just cloned.)

3. Set your target platform. Double click to open ‘dynamc target’ in org.eclipse.dawnsci.targetplatform. Click on the URLs in the ‘locations’ box and press the ‘Update’ button. When they have updated press the ‘Set as Target Platform’ link at the top of the editor.

4. Open an eclipse application debug project. You are now ready to run an eclipse application with these plugins. Right click in the Project Explorer and chose ‘Run As -> Run Configurations’. Create a run configuration as follows:


5. Go to the ‘Examples’ Perspective and run the various plotting examples. You can view the source code on the ‘source’ tab or open up the example directly.